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Welcome to the Kanata Chinese Seniors Support Centre (KCSSC) website,  歡迎您!

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KCSSC encourages and fosters seniors’ integration into the mainstream society through training programs designed to overcome language, knowledge barriers and to help seniors gain a better understanding of the Canadian society, customs and values. To learn more, please visit  Vision & Mission.

本中心倡導以及扶持年長人士融入主流社會, 透過多元訓練課程以克服
語言, 知識, 外出等不便, 幫助年長人士對於加拿大的社會, 風情, 價值的認識. 若想進一步了解本中心請參考 願景|宗旨 篇.

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Compilation of Event Pictures 遊覽所有下列活動照片請點此網聯至相冊全集

Photo from the first AGM, 2013-9-20
Auld Lang Syne to 2014 歲末辭舊迎新歡聚會
Chinese New Year photo, 2014-2-2
2014 Chinese New Year Lion Dance 舞獅表演

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Chinese New Year Celebration

The event of Chinese New Year 2013 was held at ...